Wednesday, October 06, 2004

wOke uP earLy in tHe mOrn siA.. cOz mA mOtor piPz pLanning tO gO J.B. tO mOdifY Our biKes tHere.. haD Lots Of fUn tHeRe seY.. cOz mA feRst tyMe riDing iN jOhor.. tHose mOtoriSt tHere sUmer aSaL bOleH sak..! Red lighT pOn doRang saPu.. KimaK akU da baDi siOLs.. haha..` wEnt tHere tO eAt, Buy ciGgiE, PuMP peTrOL deN mOdiFy mA frEn BiKe.. FuH!! MotoR diEr PoWer! haha.. WeNt oUt oF j.b aroUnD 7.45.. weNt tO bOo hSe straIght aFta tAt tO pasS heR tHe ciGgie sHe asK me tO bUy fEr heR.. lyKe chiLLing wit heR fOr awhiLe thEn straiGht hEad hOme..~ arGhhh.. iM tireD!! adiOz!

alshakirin 11:55 PM
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Saturday, October 02, 2004

hey².. first n fer most i would lyke to thnx heikel fer the "birth" of ma own blog.. haha.. aites.. been lyke spending the whole day wit boO.. well boO is her tag name lar, actual name is adeeqa nurazmira.. went town wit her to get maself a new quiksilver tee.. kinda cool uh.. den we head down to the esplanade to chill ahk.. in the train was lyke alot of matreps!.. ahk! tapered pants, tight tee.. bile mau habiz jack!~.. haha.. finalli get ourself a spot to seat by the spore river.. kinda romantix sia..watching the stars 2gether, she kinda lyke hug me!.. AwWw!~ we lyke sit there fer lyke 2 hrs toking craps n smoking b4 decided to head home, coz boO wanna watch BEP on tv!.. ahk shit, i cant manage to watch it.. got to send her back home at jurong west while it take me 1 hr to reach sengkang.. shit man! hmMm.. but itS okie.. kinda lyke her by maside.. her laughter n stuff.. i simPLy loVe mA bOo!

alshakirin 3:57 AM
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Friday, October 01, 2004

k bob aku dah ano kan.. tak tau kau suka ke tak.. pandai2 lah kau modify.. happy children's day!!! aku nga seram.. just hours to go.. ~ heikal~

alshakirin 4:26 PM
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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

hehe.. well i'm the freshie here.. decided to do tis blog bcos heikal ask me too.. aites.. will update soon k..

alshakirin 11:47 PM
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x tagboard.

x Ma BudDiEz


x KeEp On drEamiNg.
to have ma own bike
ma car license
the new jack pursell shoe
vintage closet
quiksilver teEs
have boo by ma siDe alwaes!

x ThE sUrfEr ProfiLe.
name- alshakirin..
ma nick- bOb, shah..
age- 19
loVes- chilling at town, ma boO!

x thankew.